About us

About us

Our company represents a huge variety of services in motorcycle tourism. We drove the world backwards and forwards, we crossed 120 countries. We do know in what you would interested in and we know how to spend your time outstandingly while riding your motorcycle. We will show you Russia and Russia’s the most exciting places. Our guides are experienced motorcycle truckers. The motorcycle journey is unforgettable experience which will become the most thrilled things in your life. Go in with us! We also have a lot of different routes. We organize trips across the whole Russia on cars, we fly by air balloons to Deznyov’s cape. Also, we climbed the Everest, crossed the Baikal, visited Arctic. We are the most experienced organizers of journeys at that moment.

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Our values

We do a turnkey tour what we should pay extra for. The purse can be required by you only for purchase of souvenirs

Safety at us on the first place. Highly skilled security guards will ensure your safety

Best price guarantee. All guides professionals, have a number of awards, the chief guide the honored traveler of Russia. Set four world records in the sphere of tourism.

In case of breakage of the motorcycle in you do not stop the travel, will provide you other motorcycle

All our tourists receive an expanded insurance

All equipment is careful is prepared by our experts before tour start

At us enters food good full-fledged portions of food, it is so much that you will not be able to eat everything

Your tour begins from a threshold of the airport, and comes to an end at a departure back home, all this time with you will be the attendant

Our explore expert

Efremova Inna
Account Manager
Kabanov Alexey Leonidovich
The security
Goncharova Nadezhda
Sales Manager
Beautiful and safe for you

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