Altai 2000

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10 days
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During the expedition we will visit all the most important sights of Altai. We will see many natural sights of the World. Get to know the culture of the locals.


Airport Gorno - Altaysk - Artybash - Cape Kirsay - Stone mushrooms - the foot of the pass Katu-yaryk - Chibit T / b "Nomad" - Geyser lake - Mars - "Nomad" - petroglyphs "Kalbak-tash" - Seminsky pass - Chemal district - Flight to Belukha - Barnaul

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Resumen del recorrido

Day 1

175 km (~3 hours)

Meeting guests at the airport.
We are going to the city of Gorno-Altaysk, the capital of the Altai Republic, having lunch at a restaurant.
We reach the base "Artybash".
Have dinner.
Day 2

78 km by boat and 49 km by car

By breakfast, everyone is leaving with their things packed and their rooms handed over.
We move to the pier and take a boat, and begin an exciting journey along the waves of Lake Teletskoye, the younger brother of Lake Baikal. We go to the "Stone Bay", which was formed due to a fallen meteorite. We leave for the Korbu waterfall - all this will be possible in good weather without a storm on the lake.
Upon arrival to the south of Lake Teletskoye, we eat at a local cafe, this lunch will need to be ordered in a week.
KAMAZ is already waiting for us, we are going to the Stone Mushrooms base, the road will take about three hours.
Bathhouse (3 hours).
In the evening, we will visit local kaichi storytellers to listen to real Altai throat singing!
Day 3

33 km

Rise, fees, breakfast.
We set off on the other side of the Chulyshman River, on boats we rise to the Akkum object (stone mushrooms), a height difference of 200 meters.
We go to the t / base "Uchar", have lunch.
We move to the foot of the Katu-Yaryk pass, along the way we see the Tudan threshold on the Chulyshman River, 5th category of difficulty.
We are located at the base under Katu-Yaryk.
We have dinner in a cafe.
Bathhouse for 3 hours.
Day 4

7 km on foot (+ 3.5 km) and 110 km by car

Breakfast at 9am.
At 10 in the morning we move forward before crossing the Chulyshman River, we cross by boat. We follow a rather simple path to the Kurcur waterfall (frantic), the height of the fall is 30 meters. We look, do a photo session and come back.
Have lunch.
Transfer to the village of Chibit, to the camp "Nomad".
Transfer to the Ulagansky district of the Altai Republic. We are waiting for a move from the Chulyshman River. The road will pass from the Katu-Yaryk pass, through the Pazyryk tract, the Ulagan pass (2080 m above sea level) past the Dead Lake, the famous Red Gate, to the Chibit village, crossing the village of Aktash.
We climb the Katu-Yaryk pass on foot with a constant climb (in time 1 hour 20 minutes - 1 hour 40 minutes).
Upon arrival at the base "Nomad" dinner.
Day 5

210 km by car and 3 km on foot

We leave for the so-called "Mars", the tract Kyzyl-chin. We are waiting for a walk along the Chui steppe near the village of Chagan-Uzun, where mountains of amazing colors are located.
After - look at Menskoye (geyser lake).
Return to the camp "Nomad".
Day 6

350 km

Breakfast, for breakfast we come with packed and packed things.
We leave in the Chemal district to the Tursib camp site.
On the Chuysky tract, about which many legends, legends and songs are composed, and one of the most beautiful roads in the world, we will travel to a warm climate zone. We will stop in beautiful iconic places, take a walk on cave paintings in the Kalbak-tash national park. We will go up the mountain serpentine to the Chike-Taman pass (here it will be possible to make souvenir products and Mongolian woolen goods at very reasonable prices, but only for cash).
We have lunch in the dining room in the village of Tuect.
We rise to the Seminsky pass (1817 m above sea level). We make a stop for 15 minutes, and move on.
Day 7
We are moving out on a chairlift in the area of Lake Manzherok.
Ascent to Mount Sinyuha and a 30-minute walk along the mountain.
We have lunch in the “Rusk” canteen.
After lunch, we go on a walk to the Kamyshlinsky Falls. We return from the waterfall in a motor boat.
We are going to the base.
Day 8
We drive beyond Chemal to Oroktoysky bridge (the deepest and narrowest place on the Katun River).
On the way back we call on the island of Patmos and visit the Chapel of the convent.
Lunch at the camp site.
After lunch - we go to the village of Askat, visit the gallery.
Return to the camp site.
Day 9
Flight to the foot of the Belukha.
Flight to Akkem Lake.
Lunch (lunch box, as there are no cafes or shops on Lake Akkem).
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