The motorcycle show

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The motorcycle show

18 Aug - 30 Aug
13 days
Maximum seats

Bike Show is a widescale, tricky, pyrotechnic and musical performance, which included incredible, risky tricks, as well as dozens of various moving objects and military equipment of different eras and appointments. Every Bike Show muster up about 300,000 people. There is every likelihood that you’ve never seen so amazing show before.

The expedition starts from the airport, where you will be met by an English speaking guide (but if there isn’t any English speaking people there is an opportunity to hire guide speaking your own language). The cars will take you to the hotel. After accommodation in hotel we will go to the international biker center, where you will be issued and will be given a motorcycle BMW R1200 GS (exploitation of the motorcycle is possible only within the program with guide).

The route is thought out in such a way that you will have the opportunity to stop in historical places and take photos of picturesque nature.

All included. You will receive a motorcycle and health insurance. All museums tickets are included in the price.

It is possible to change the program if only it’s all the group wish.

Throughout the route you will be accompanied by a guide, guard and mechanic (we will replace motorcycle in case of serious damage).

The length of the route is 4000km.

All inclusive tour

Transfer and
(in all cities)
Food (arrival day
and throughout
the route)
museum tickets,
Technical costs and
charges related to toll
roads and parking
Guard and mechanic
Give yourself an unforgettable adventure!
And we will make sure that it goes perfectly

Tour overview

Day 1

Moscow, Russian Federation

Meeting at the airport.
Transfer to the hotel.
Issuance of motorcycles.
Day 2

Moscow To Voronezh

Moscow to Voronezh. 520km. Accommodation in a hotel, overnight stay
Day 3

Voronezh To Rostov

Voronezh to Rostov on Don. 570km. Accommodation in a hotel, overnight stay
Day 4

Rostov On Don To Kerch

Rostov on Don to Kerch 530 km. Accommodation in a hotel, overnight stay.
Day 5

Kerch To Sevastopol

Kerch to Sevastopol 320km. Accommodation in a hotel, overnight stay
Day 6


Sevastopol is called the "city of glory of the Russian fleet" because a lot of important historical events are associated with the victories of the Russian admirals and sailors in the Crimea. The imperial architecture of city embankments and promenades of Sevastopol will return tourists to the elegant 19th century, and the relaxed atmosphere of summer evenings will carry away all thoughts of worries and problems. In Sevastopol, we will face with the invaluable cultural treasures of ancient Chersonese, enjoy the expressive views of the Black Sea coast and swim in the clear water of the Sevastopol Bay.

Grafskaya Wharf

The Pier in the city is decorated by classic terraces and rotunda. In 1783 the wooden jetty with numerous port buildings was located on this place. In the first half of the XIX century, it was turned into a front facade of the military port, decorated by ornamental elements and antique statues. On the Grafskaya Wharf there are memorial plaques installed in honor of Russian emperors.

Tauric Chersonesos

There are the ruins of an ancient colony, once thriving on the shores of the Crimean peninsula. A long time ago, Crimea was called Tavrida, and the rich and prosperous Greek polis was the center of civilization and culture. Chersonese was presumably founded in the 5th century BC and existed to the XIII-XIV centuries, until it was destroyed by nomads. The first excavations in the city began in the XIX century. In the XX century, on the basis of the finds, the appearance of ancient Chersonesos was recreated.

Diorama “The Assault of Sapun Mountain”

One of the largest works of battle painting located on the Sapun Mountain near Sevastopol. The diorama is located in a semicircular building with the observation deck inside the room. You can see all the details of the composition. The picture depicts the events of May 7th, 1944 (the operation to liberate Sevastopol), when detachments of the Maritime Army stormed the approaches to Sapun Mountain. In the evening, we will visit the Bike Show and enjoy an unforgettable event until the morning.
Day 7


11:00 – driving in a festive column

Inkerman Cave Monastery

The ancient monastic cloister in the vicinity of Sevastopol. According to some sources, the monastery was founded in the VIII century, others point to the XIV-XV centuries. After the establishment of a protectorate of the Ottoman Empire over the Crimean peninsula, the Inkerman Cave Monastery gradually fell into decay, its revival took place twice - in the middle of the 19th century and at the end of the 20th century after the collapse of the USSR.

Monument to the Scuttled Ships

Monument located on the seafront of Sevastopol. It is considered an important symbol and its image is present on the city coat of arms. The obelisk was erected in memory of the ships that were sunk in the Sevastopol Bay in 1854-55ss in order to block the Anglo-French fleet from approaching the city. These events occurred during the First Defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean War.

Museum Panorama

Panorama has a height of 14 meters and located in a round exhibition hall at the beginning of the XX century. The painting depicts the events of the Crimean War of 1853-1856. Creator of the masterpiece is F.A. Roubaud captured the battle on Malakhov Hill, which was on June 6, 1855. Panorama was written in Munich. Students of the Bavarian Academy of Arts and several German painters were involved in the work.

Malakhov Kurgan

The memorial complex, designed to perpetuate in memory the events of the Crimean War and the World War. Twice in the history the army defended Sevastopol from the enemy. There are monuments at the Malakhov Kurgan in memory the commanders and memorial plaques with the names of the heroes of both wars.
Dinner for all participant of the program and then free time.
Day 8


Free program
Day 9

Slavyansk On Kuban

Sevastopol to Slavyansk on Kuban, accommodation in a hotel, overnight stay
Day 10

Kamensk Shakhtinsk

Slavyansk on Kuban to Kamensk Shakhtinsk, 460km, accommodation in a hotel, overnight stay
Day 11


Kamensk Shakhtinsk to Yelets, 570km, accommodation in a hotel, overnight stay
Day 12


Yelets to Moscow, 400km Return of motorcycle, farewell dinner and photos
Day 13


Departure from the hotel, transfer to the airport
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Give yourself an unforgettable adventure!
And we will make sure that it goes perfectly