Moscow to Altai

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Moscow to Altai

25 Jul - 11 Aug
18 days
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Let’s take part of the travel to Altai! The nature on the road is attractive and beautiful. Your journey will undoubtedly be the most memorable event for you in the year. You can take a stop on any part of our route and take pictures of the extraordinary beauty of Russia and interesting places along the way. We will stop for sightseeing.

It is possible to change the program if only it’s all the group wish.

Throughout the route you will be accompanied by a guide, guard and mechanic (we will replace motorcycle in case of serious damage).

The total length of the route is 5500km.

All inclusive tour

Transfer and
(in all cities)
Food (arrival day
and throughout
the route)
museum tickets,
Technical costs and
charges related to toll
roads and parking
Guard and mechanic
Give yourself an unforgettable adventure!
And we will make sure that it goes perfectly

Tour overview

Day 1

Moscow, Russian Federation

Meeting at the airport Transfer to the hotel Accommodation Signing the contract Issuance of motorcycles
Day 2

Moscow To Nizhny Novgorod 420km

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing; According to the UNESCO, Nizhny Novgorod is included in the list of the most valuable cities in the history of the planet. Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin Impregnable fort of the XVI century in the central part of Nizhny Novgorod, which could not take anyone. Thirteen towers and a fortress wall more than two kilometers long. The thickness of the wall at the base reaches 5 meters. Behind the fortress wall residences of city and regional authorities are located. In the towers of the Kremlin there are expositions; for visitors is opened a section of the wall.
Day 3

Nizhny Novgorod To Kazan 390 Km

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing; Kazan is the real treasure of the Volga region and the pride of all Russia. Kazan Kremlin The cultural ensemble and the main archaeological complex of Kazan, where historical monuments of the XII-XX centuries are located. Eastern and Western culture goes together on the territory of the Kremlin. The domes of the mosque are perfectly combines with the belltowers of an Orthodox church, the Turkic tower is combines to the mansions, built in the classical European style. The residence of the head of the republic and its government are situated in Kremlin.
Day 4

Kazan To Ufa 530 Km

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing, rest
Day 5


Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing; Monument to Salavat Yulaev Salavat Yulaev is a national hero of Bashkortostan, who fought for the independence of his people during the time of Catherine II. The monument in his honor was installed in 1967 on the Belaya River. The sculptor S. D. Tavasiev portrayed the hero on horseback. Together with a granite pedestal, the height of the sculpture is 14 meters, weight is 40 tons. The monument stands on the highest point of the center of Ufa and can be clearly seen from afar. Gostiny Dvor Traditional market, which seem to exist in every major city of the Russian Empire. Ufa’s Gostiny Dvor was built in the XIX century. At the turn of the XXI century it was adapted to the modern trade and business complex. In the 1980s the ensemble even wanted to be demolished, but the public rose to its defense, thus, the architectural monument was preserved. National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan The collection is located in the historic building of 1905, previously owned by the Peasant Land Bank, which was closed in 1917. In total, the museum has 35 exhibition halls, where archaeological, ethnographic, natural science and art collections are placed. Friendship Monument The monument, laid in 1957 in honor of the 400th anniversary of Russia and Bashkiria reunion. Earlier, the Trinity Church exploded in 1956 was located in its place. Construction of the monument was delayed for a long time it was installed only in 1965. A group of sculptors and architects worked on the project. The composition is an obelisk having shape of a sword, bronze figures of women with wreaths in their hands, depicting Russia and Bashkiria
Day 6

Ufa To Chelyabinsk 430 Km

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing; Chelyabinsk is one of the largest industrial centers of Russia, but the city has a lot of parks and remarkable places. The Alley of Glory The Alley of Glory was created in 2015 on the street of the Commune. It is a paved boulevard with stands which are installed with photos of residents of the Ural cities who took part in the Great Patriotic War. There is a monument to tank volunteers in 1975, made in the form of a figure of a soldier standing on a tower of a Soviet tank. Kirovka Street Central street like Arbat in Moscow. It was finally decorated in the 2000s. Here are the original urban sculptures, shops, cafes and entertainment facilities. Everything you need for a good rest and a pleasant walk. There are historic mansions with interesting architecture of the beginning of the 20th century.
Day 7

Chelyabinsk To Kurgan 300 Km

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing; Kurgan is a city that is part of the Russian state. Also, the city is the administrative center of the Kurgan region. The date of foundation of the city of Kurgan is considered to be 1679. In 1782 he received the official status of the city, because of the patronage of Catherine II. The “Kilometre Zero” monument On the zero kilometer of highways, a postman figure made of bronze was installed next to the Kurgan Central Post Office. Now all directions are counted from this place. The author of the project is B. Orekhov
Day 8

Kurgan To Ishim 310 Km

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing; The history of Ishim goes back centuries, it is connected with the legendary name of ataman Ermak. His troops in 1670 built a wooden fortress in the shape of a hexagon, she stood on the left bank of the deep Ishim River. One of the main founders is Athanasius Korkin and the city itself was called “corky settlement”. In 1782, by decree of Empress Catherine II, the settlement was renamed to the county town of the same name with the river on which it stood. Now Ishim city is part of the Tyumen region. We will visit the Seafront.
Day 9

Ishim To Omsk 350 Km

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing, rest The names of F. M. Dostoevsky, who was exiled here, and General A. V. Kolchak, who organized the headquarters in the city in 1918-1919, are connected with Omsk.
Day 10


Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing; Chokana Valihanov Street The street is located in the historic part of Omsk. In 2014, part of the avenue was reconstructed and turned into a pedestrian zone. The street is decorated with abstract architectural forms, flower beds, wrought lanterns. The walking area ends with a platform with a picturesque view of the Irtysh Buchholz Square The area is located near the river station. The place was named in honor of Major General I. Buchholz, who by order of Peter I drove nomadic tribes from the territory of the future city. Today the square is a space decorated with landscaped lawns and alleys. In the center is a modern sculpture "The Power", which depicts the various stages of the development of Siberia. Vrubel Museum The collection is a collection of objects from various genres of art from antiquity to the present day. The exhibition is located in the building of the XIX century - the former governor's palace, built by the project of F. F. Wagner. The museum is the largest repository of works of art in the region, in its funds there are more than 24 thousand objects. Achair convent The convent of the late XIX century, located in the village of Achair about 50 km from Omsk. In Soviet times, the complex was closed and looted, its revival occurred in the 1990s. After the resumption of the work of the convent, a mineral spring was discovered on its territory and after the blessing of Patriarch Alexy II it was declared the holy one.
Day 11

Omsk To Kuybyshev 350 Km

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing
Day 12

Kuibyshev To Novosibirsk 330 Km

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing Novosibirsk is an important cultural and industrial center, the third largest city in Russia Lenin Square The central square of the city, on which the main sights are located: the Museum of local lore, the musical theater, the square, the chapel of St. Nicholas and other numerous monuments. These monuments should be given special attention: there are the Iron Throne, the Music Box in memory of V. A. Lensky, monuments in honor of the first cinema and tram, the stele "Hospital of Veterans".
Day 13

Novosibirsk To Barnaul 230 Km

Accommodation in a hotel
Day 14

Barnaul To Biysk “Manzherok” Tourist Complex 340 Km

Museum of the Chuisky tract Visit to the Memorial Museum which is the reserve of the famous Soviet writer, director, actor V.M. Shukshin. The ascent to the famous Piket mountain. The Arzhan-Suu spring is a natural source of mineral water near the Chuisky tract, 7 km from Manzherok. Stop at the memorial to Yevdokimov. Bath, evening fishing on spinning (if you wish).
Day 15

Tourist Complex

Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing The road along the river Biya. We will visit Tavdinsky caves, the Roerich monument.
Day 16

Artybash To Belokurikha 270 Km

Tserkovka Mountain There are a lot of breathtaking views. Also, there are a lot of springs and telescope on the mountain’s top. "Babya radost" Rock There is a belief that a woman who touches the rock will definitely become pregnant. And if she touches already pregnant, she will definitely have a boy. Blacksmith Museum In the museum you can not only see the unique forged gizmos, but also try to create something with your own hands of course under the strict guidance of the hostess, Anna Biletskaya. And after work drink tea prepared in an old samovar.
Day 17

Belokurikha To Biysk To Barnaul 230 Km

Arrival in Barnaul, the return of motorcycles, farewell dinner and taking photos
Day 18


Departure from the hotel, transfer to the airport
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