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10 August
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Tour overview

Day 1


Meeting guests, accommodation at the hotel, excursion around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, supper at the ethnic restaurant "Kalylan". There is a program for real gourmets, who love delusions cuisine, and want to get acquainted with cultural and gastronomic traditions of the Kamchatka people, get to know about their culinary heritage and "taste Kamchatka".

Ethno-restaurant offers a folklore program with traditional songs and dances with folk instruments; acquaintance with the original culture and customs of the indigenous Kamchatka people: Koryaks, Itelmens and Evens; unique fashion show and photosession in national costumes. All dishes are prepared according to original recipes.
Day 2

The Valley of Geysers

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the airport for a helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers. During the flight, you will have an opportunity to explore and take photo of two active volcanoes, Karymsky and Maly Semyachik, from the windows of the helicopter.

After arrival in the Valley of Geysers, you will see the eruption of the Giant geyser, observe the work of various thermal places, hot springs and mud pots. The next part of the trip is the walking tour to the caldera of the Uzon volcano. The excursion passes through the Eastern thermal field.

Next, a flight to the park "Nalychevo". The park will give you a unique opportunity to swim in hot springs, where temperature reaches 40-45 ° before lunchtime.
Day 3

Volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely And Surroundings

Breakfast in the hotel. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide. Group leaves the city in a KAMAZ vehicle comfortably equipped for tourists. The trail passes through the beautiful Kamchatka landscapes.

The first stop is the hot springs called "Karymshinskiye". You will have time for lunch and bathing in the healing hot springs. After swimming and resting, the group returns to the cars and goes to the "Vilyuchinsky" volcano. There will be an organized transition to the picturesque waterfall located at the foot of the volcano. Then the route goes to the plateau between the Mutnovsky volcano and the Gorely volcano.
Day 4

Volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely And Surroundings

After breakfast, the first volcano that you will conquer will be "Mutnovsky" (2322 m).
It is an active volcano — the last eruption was occurred in 2000.

The main beauty is in the crater of the volcano (active fumaroles are gas outlets in the form of smoke columns, mud pots, pumice). After conquering the peak, you will cross the crater of the volcano.

Then the program includes lunch. Then you observe the second crater, and then go down another path through the waterfall called Dangerous.
Day 5

Volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely And Surroundings

Breakfast in the hotel. We will climb the Gorely volcano (1829 m). The Gorely volcano is active, but it wakes up rarely.

There are two interesting craters: with water and with acid lakes at the bottom. We will go around both craters and stop for lunch at one of the mud fields. A magnificent view of the neighboring volcanoes opens from the top of the Gorely volcano.
Day 6

Kuril Lake

After breakfast, we will go to the airport: the Kuril Lake tour is on helicopter. After arrival at the lake, you can watch bears and salmon spawning.

After lunch we will have walking tour to the "Key" lake. You will see the hot beach and the caldera of the "Ksudach" volcano.

"Ksudach" is declared a natural landscape and geological monument. The eruption destroyed the cone of the volcano. Ash from this eruption can be traced more than 200 km to the north. After the walk, we fly to the foot of the Khodutka volcano and swim in the hot river: water temperature in here reaches 40 °. "Khodutkinsky" springs are considered as healing: it contains a large amount of silicic acid.
Day 7

River fishing

After breakfast, we will go by minibus to the Bystraya River, where we will raft and fishing (the rafting is calm and does not require any preparation). Along the way, we will make several stops for fishing. At the end of the trip, we’ll cook fish soup and caviar on the shore.
Day 8

Russkaya Bay

After breakfast, we will go to the port, for the boat tour, lasting 10-12 hours.
Russian Bay is one of the most beautiful bays on the east coast of Kamchatka. The steep shores of the bay are inhabited by numerous colonies of birds (hatchets, ducks, cormorants, gulls, puffins), and the entrance to the bay is guarded by hundreds of sea lions lying around the Cape Kekurny. We will have lunch on the beach.
Day 9

Ethnic Camp

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the ethnic camp "Kainyran" in Yelizovo. You will visit the Fur Yaranga Museum, where you will see the way of life and will have been heard about the life of the aborigines.
You will get to know about the ancient Kamchatka peoples, take part in master classes on weaving from birch bark and sewing beads. You can also try your hand at dressing skins.

Then you will meet the guide and be offered to visit the cubs and sled dogs living on the territory of the camp. Then, if you wish, you can ride a horse.

On the way back, we will stop at the market for seafood purchases and visit souvenir shops.
Day 10


Our journey has come to an end! After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport, from where you will fly home having numerous vivid impressions and photos.
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