From Moscow to Grozny

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From Moscow to Grozny

17 Sep - 28 Sep
11 Days
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We offer you interesting and fascinating route from the Russian Plain to the Caucasus Mountains. The route is thought out in a way that you will have the opportunity to stop in historical places and take photos of picturesque nature.

All included. You will receive a motorcycle and health insurance. All museums tickets are included in the price.

It is possible to change the program only if it’s the group’s wish.

Throughout the route you will be accompanied by a guide, guard and mechanic (we will replace motorcycle in case of serious damage).

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Resumen del recorrido

Day 1

Moscow, Russian Federation

Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation; you will get a motorcycle, meet with the team, sign a contract and have a dinner
Day 2

Moscow To Tambov 460 Km

Day 3

Tambov To Volgograd 530 Km

Day 4


Mamaev Kurgan and the sculpture ‘Motherland calls!’ This is the compositional centre of the monument-ensemble "Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" on Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd, Russia. It was designed by sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich and structural engineer Nikolai Nikitin, and declared the tallest statue in the worldin 1967. It is the tallest statue in Europe and the tallest statue (excluding pedestal) of a woman in the world (85 metres). • Panorama Museum "Battle of Stalingrad" The museum complex, opened in 1985 and consisting of two levels. On the ground floor is the exposition itself and the fund storage. On the second is the panoramic canvas "The defeat of the Nazi troops at Stalingrad."
Day 5

Volgograd To Elista 320 Km

Day 6


Golden horseman

The Golden Abode of the Buddha Shakyamuni
On December 27, 2005, the Burkhan Bakshin Altan Sume ("The Golden Abode of the Buddha Shakyamuni") was opened in Elista, the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, a federal subject of the Russian Federation. More than 5,000 people attended the opening ceremony, including representatives of Tibetan Buddhist communities from Moscow, Volgograd and Saratov. The 14th Dalai Lama blessed the site of the future temple just before he left Elista during his November 2004 visit to the Republic and gave it its name on March 11, 2006. During the opening ceremony, the Republic of Kalmykia President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov dedicated the temple to Kalmyks who died during and after their sudden and forced exile to Siberia after December 27, 1943.

Stupa of the Enlightenment

Kazan Cathedral
Golden Gate Altn Bosch It represents the building in the Oriental style. In the colorful illustrations that adorn the building, you can see the main points of the history of the Kalmyk people.

Triumphal Arch
Museum of Chess Glory The only museum in the world dedicated to chess. It was given the name of the champion Michael Thal. The exhibits are various attributes of the game from the championships, presented to the President of the Republic or acquired by him personally.
Day 7

Elista To Pyatigorsk 360 Km

Day 8


The name Pyatigorsk is derived from the fused Russian words "пять гор" (five mountains) and the city is so called because of the five peaks of the Beshtau (which also means five mountains in Turkic) of the Caucasian mountain range overlooking the city. It was founded in 1780, and has been a health spa with mineral springs since 1803. Pyatigorsk is one of the oldest spa resorts in Russia. The health resort provides unique medical resources, and its underground wealth supplies 50 different mineral springs, medical mud taken from Lake Tambukan located 10 km from Pyatigorsk, and the mild climate of the area. It is one of 116 historical towns of the Russian Federation. Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov was shot in a duel at Pyatigorsk on July 27, 1841 The monument marks the place of Lermontov's duel • The state memorial estate of Mikhail Lermontov was founded in 1973. It unites all of the Lermontov memorial places in the region: the place where he fought his duel and was killed, a necropolis, Lermontov's small house, Verzilin's houses, the house of Alexander Alyabyev, the Lermontov square, and monument • Mashuk is an isolated mountain in the North Caucasus overlooking the city of Pyatigorsk in Stavropol Krai in Russia. The height of the mountain is 993 m • Park ‘The Flower-Garden’ • The Sculpture of the Eagle • ‘Proval’ is the cavern called (depth - 20 m) on the southern slope of Mashuk.
Day 9

Pyatigorsk To Grozny 280 Km

Day 10


Triumphal Arch of Grozny • The Heart of Chechnya The mosque design with a set of 62-metre (203 ft)-tall minarets is based on the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. On October 16, 2008, the mosque was officially opened in a ceremony. The mosque is located on the picturesque bank of the Sunzha River in the middle of a huge park (14 hectares) and is part of an Islamic architectural complex, which in addition to the mosque, consists of the Russian Islamic University, Kunta-Haji, and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Chechnya. The mosque was built based on the classical Ottoman style. The central hall of the mosque is covered with a huge dome (diameter - 16 meters, height - 32 m). The height of the four minarets is 62 meters making them some of the highest minarets in southern Russia. The Exterior and interior walls of the mosque are made of marble, travertine, while the interior is decorated in white marble. The area of the mosque is 5000 square meters and has a capacity of more than ten thousand people. The same number of the faithful can pray in the mosque adjacent to the gallery and the area of summer. • Museum of the Chechen Republic This is a combined complex of two museums previously existing separately. They became the Chechen State United Museum, founded in 1924, and the Chechen Republican Museum of Fine Arts, which began its work in 1961 • Memorial Complex of Glory of A. Kadyrov One of the must-see in Grozny. There is also a museum in memory of the first president of the Chechen Republic, various monuments, The Avenue of Glory and the park. The area of the object is more than 5 hectares, it accommodates about 15 thousand people, so during the holidays it is always crowded • Journalists Square This green zone is located directly opposite the memorial complex. It was opened in 2007. Return of motorcycle, farewell dinner and photos
Day 11
Departure from the hotel, transfer to the airport
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